SUBJECT: Misleading information about INDECT
DATE: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 17:33:39 +0100
FROM: derkacz <>

Good afternoon,

Please find attached a document with comments and clarifications to information you give about INDECT.
We refer only to selected statements that pass to the public misleading information about the project.

27c3 was not the only case when you have given misleading information about INDECT. We would be obliged if the clarifications we send could be available at websites containing your presentations and other statements about the project.
That would be honest with respect to persons who are recipients of your information and persons who are involved in the project.

We were even more surprised to find out that broadcasting of the misleading information did not stop after the event in Berlin where clarifications to your presentation were given.
Similar set of false and uncorrect statements could be found in leaflets distributed at "Computers, Privacy & Data Protection CPDP 2011" event in Brussels.

In your presentation you mentioned a few times the question of ethics and lawfulness of what is done within the project.
Do you think that concious broadcasting of untrue information is ethical and lawful?

As I said to you in Berlin we are open to answer questions relevant to INDECT.

A good opportunity to become informed about work and outcomes of the project will be an international conference organised by INDECT in June this year: MCSS 2011. The scope of the conference includes ethical issues and law aspects in video surveillance, Internet monitoring, security research. Document with Call for Papers is attached to the mail - please feel free to distribute the document.

Jan Derkacz

PS One of the charges against INDECT was that it performs video recordings of citizents without their consent (which by the way is not true). I was video-recorded at the event in Berlin and, what is more, the recording was made public in Internet, both without my consent. It would be interesting to have your opinion on it.

Attachment: INDECT_Misunderstandings.pdf